DCPN is thrilled to announce our second annual…


June 20, 2015, 9:30 am @ Pheasant Branch Conservancy

Picnic to follow!

Please join us as we walk the hill at Pheasant Branch Conservancy to raise awareness for perinatal mental health, to enjoy community, and to celebrate warrior moms! We’ll enjoy a leisurely walk to the top of the large hill out at the park, with stories and poetry at the top of our climb. We’ll conclude with a picnic where we can share stories, ideas, and meet one another!

There is no fee to participate, but please go to CrowdRise to register in advance. (You can join the Dane County Climb.) All proceeds go to Postpartum Progress, a leading maternal mental health organization.

For information on where to park, and what time to arrive, go here.

Families are welcome!!! For more information, please contact Ann Jamison at aejamison@gmail.com or DCPN at danecpn@gmail.com.

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